Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Amanda's Birthday and Updated Twin Pictures

So Amanda turned 3 on Sunday. She had 2 parties. One on Saturday with her friends and one on Sunday with her family. She had a good time. My little girl is now big and she lets me know frequently. Here's some pictures of her birthday and then some of the twins.
Amanda opening presents. This is the Tinkerbell movies.
The Cinderella cake that I made for Amanda. She liked it.

This is Amanda seeing the cake for the first time.

The cake that we made to share with everyone. Amanda is blowing out the candles.
Sunday morning. Amanda gets breakfast in bed since it's her birthday.
The cake Cameron made for Amanda's birthday party with her friends.

Amanda and her friends at the park for her party.
This picture makes her look funny but this is Emma. I liked the bow.

This is Eva before she got her pic line out. Again...this is for the bow. :)
Eva sleeping. This is one of her favorite positions to sleep in. Amanda sleeps like this too.

Emma in the back and Eva in the front. This is the first day they were in the same bed.

We went to see them and they were laying the exact same with the arms and everything. I thought it was funny, so I took a picture.

Emma in comparison to Cameron's pen. It gives you something to visualize.

Eva in comparison to Cameron's pen.

Eva with Cameron's wedding ring around her arm.

Emma with Cameron's wedding ring around her arm.