Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm really excited because last week from Wednesday to Saturday my Mom and Dad, Kelsey, Morgan and I left Pocatello and drove to Omaha, Nebraska. We went and saw the Broadway Show WICKED. It was so good. I loved the music before, but now there's nothing that compares really. I left Cameron and Amanda together for the 4 days, and they learned a lot about each other :) I think it was good for everyone. We also saw my Grandma and Grandpa Rhoades while we were there. We stayed the night at their home. It was so much fun and I recommend everyone go and see that show at least once...if not more. I vowed to go again and take Cameron with me this time.
Couldn't get better than this.

India Wedding

I'm finally getting around to updating my blog. It's been awhile but I have some cool pictures of Amanda and a wedding. Cameron and I have some neighbors in our apartment building that are from India. They aren't members and we just became their friends. They started taking missionary discussions, although nothing came from it. However, they decided to get married. They asked Cameron and I if we would be the Maid-of-Honor and Bestman. Amanda was the flower girl. It was a lot of fun and they are great people. They are going back to India soon and we hope to still stay in touch.

Because I was in the wedding, I got henna done on my hands. It's an Indian tradition for the women involved in the wedding. It was really fun and it stayed on for about a week.