Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Pictures!!!

So our year in review is this: Cameron graduated from college and we are currently waiting to hear from the army. Katie was pregnant most of the year and had twins in September. Amanda turned 3 and enjoys being a big sister. Emma Jay was born on September 22 in our bathroom at home...delivered by Cameron, named after Grandpa Rhoades, and blessed on December 26th. Eva Ray was born September 22 breach in the operating room, named after my aunt Ray, and blessed on December 26th. It has been a trying year...but we have made it and been very blessed. Here are a few recent pictures.
Family picture taken at Morgan's wedding reception. Morgan was married Dec. 11th. I'm holding Emma, Cameron is holding Eva.
Amanda holding sister Emma.

Cameron and I holding the twins. I'm holding Eva, Cameron is holding Emma.
Amanda's loot from Christmas. She had a great Christmas and had a lot of fun.
Cameron and Amanda in thier new pajamas on Christmas Eve.
Eva on the left, Emma on the right. Kissing in thier sleep.
Eva, Amanda, and Emma in Christmas stockings.
Emma with her arm around Eva.
Amanda sitting on Santa's lap at our Ward Christmas Party. She jumped right up and started talking to him, then told him what she wanted. It was great.
Amanda holding Emma, Me holding Eva...All of us girls in our new Christmas pajamas.