Sunday, July 10, 2011

SCARY! pictures this time, but hopefully again soon. This is a story about Amanda and how she scared me into tears. I had put her down for bed and Cameron and I were in the kitchen. He was making food to freeze for Priest Lake and I was on the computer. Amanda had been awake for awhile cause we could occasionally still hear her talking to herself. Well, a little later she lets out a cry. So I get up to go check on her. When I get in there, she is standing on her bed with the blind cords wrapped around her neck. She is panicking. I run over and they are really tight. So I try to pull them apart and I finally get them to slide over her head. We have talked with her about putting things around her neck cause she likes to pretend they are necklaces. So Cameron had tied the strings all together and somehow she had untied them enough to get her head through but it was too tight and was choking her. After I got her out I held her and started crying. She had a huge red line going across her neck and she said that that was scary cause she couldn't breathe. When I told her she could have died her response was..."That's ok, Jesus can bring me back to life." Needless to say, I had to talk to her without ruining her testimony of the Ressurrection and explain that she will come back to life but not for a long time, that she would have to wait til Jesus came back to Earth again. She seemed to understand a little bit more, so now we are keeping the blinds out of reach and Cameron will be taking them down all together here very soon. Not a fun moment, but I'm glad she is alright.