Sunday, November 14, 2010

Funny Story

We have been staying in Idaho Falls and one night I put Amanda down for bed. She handed me something to throw away and she said, "It's a red, red, red...purple,purple,purple (repeated about 3 more times)" Then she stopped and said, "I don't know what I'm saying." She then laid down. I turned to Cameron and tried not to laugh. We did laugh though after we left the room. It was pretty funny.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


So Blogger isn't letting me upload any more photos at the moment for some reason, but here are the most recent anyway. We have some zoo ones that I will put up later also. We had kind of a set back with Emma. She got an viral infection and wasn't doing well. She had a fever and a hard time breathing so they put her on a ventilator with a tube down her throat to breath for her. She is doing better now. She is currently on a c-pap machine and will hopefully get to join her sister upstairs soon and breathing on her own. Eva is breathing without any help of oxygen and she took a bottle for the first time yesterday. All is well.

Astronaut (London), Snow White (Jenna), Princess Leah (Amanda) at Halloween
Eva is giving Emma a kiss.

Eva in clothes! YEA!

Feeding Eva a bottle for the first time. I'm so proud of her.

Emma with her c-pap on. Hopefully she will get that off her nose and face soon.