Monday, October 10, 2011

New Blog

Cameron and I have decided to make a blog for his made up recipes that we like. He is really good at throwing something together and what's better is he likes to do that. The problem I have is that when it tastes amazing and I want it again, he can't remember what was in it. So we are going to put his recipes on here that we like. Hopefully we will get a new one once a week...that's our goal. So for starters there is only one on there, but more to follow. So if you want some new dinner ideas, that aren't hard to do...check it out. The site is:

Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Fun

So here is the first part of our summer fun...which actually took place at the end of the summer. This is from mid July through now. I am having a hard time getting all my pictures to download so this is what you get for now. :)
My dad and Emma taking a nap on the bed in their trailor at Priest Lake.

Cameron and Amanda eating cheese balls on one of the few days that were nice on the beach.

Wow...well...Me, a mad Emma, Eva and Amanda hanging out at camp on one of the many freezing days we were able to have at Priest Lake.

Me, Emma, Amanda, Cameron and Eva...In Priest Lake, the twins first time in the water. I think they are handling the cold pretty well. :)

Emma hanging out on the beach at Priest Lake.

Amanda helping my cousin Luke drive the boat...Yes...she fell asleep and is still driving. :)

Amanda playing with the floatie in Priest Lake...yes that's used for the babies but Amanda is still light enough that it doesn't sink when she gets she played with it.

Amanda finding a stick that she said she was using as a paddle when she is in her floatie in the water. Go figure. :)

My dad giving Amanda a ride of the 4 wheeler. Kids have to wear a helmet...we didn't have one so we used a bucket. Dad got pulled over and told that doesn't count so we couldn't do it again. :)

Eva started to crawl and pull herself up onto things. This is her trying to climb the stairs. :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

SCARY! pictures this time, but hopefully again soon. This is a story about Amanda and how she scared me into tears. I had put her down for bed and Cameron and I were in the kitchen. He was making food to freeze for Priest Lake and I was on the computer. Amanda had been awake for awhile cause we could occasionally still hear her talking to herself. Well, a little later she lets out a cry. So I get up to go check on her. When I get in there, she is standing on her bed with the blind cords wrapped around her neck. She is panicking. I run over and they are really tight. So I try to pull them apart and I finally get them to slide over her head. We have talked with her about putting things around her neck cause she likes to pretend they are necklaces. So Cameron had tied the strings all together and somehow she had untied them enough to get her head through but it was too tight and was choking her. After I got her out I held her and started crying. She had a huge red line going across her neck and she said that that was scary cause she couldn't breathe. When I told her she could have died her response was..."That's ok, Jesus can bring me back to life." Needless to say, I had to talk to her without ruining her testimony of the Ressurrection and explain that she will come back to life but not for a long time, that she would have to wait til Jesus came back to Earth again. She seemed to understand a little bit more, so now we are keeping the blinds out of reach and Cameron will be taking them down all together here very soon. Not a fun moment, but I'm glad she is alright.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So Amanda spilled some popcorn on the floor today and when we went to pick it up she says, "Goodbye Popcorn...I will never see you again." Then she keeps saying it until she burst into song singing it. Let's just say sometimes I feel like I live in a musical. Anyway, we have stayed really busy this last week. On Thursday, Cameron and I went to Playmill with mom and dad, and Morgan and Norman. Then on Friday we went to Idaho Falls and hung out there during the day while Cameron interviewed. We went to the Green Belt and then the park. Then on Saturday we went to the Family Fun Day at Ross Park. Some of the characters of Star Wars were there. Amanda was so excited. Tonight we are going to the circus. There will be pictures of that to follow. :)
Amanda in one of her new swimming suits running through the sprinkler.

Benny the Bengal at Family Fun Day. She thought he was cool and wanted a picture with him.

Amanda and one of the Storm Troopers from Star Wars at Family Fun Day.

We needed a picture of the newer version of the Storm Trooper. This one is the newer model. :)

We were getting ready to go home and Amanda saw the Storm Trooper with red on him and ran up to him to have him sign her papers and get a picture with him.

This literally was the highlight of her day. She got to meet Darth Vader and she loved the "lady with no hair" That's what she calls her. So Darth Mal has Eva, Darth Vader, Amanda, Ventress, and the Jedi has Emma.

They had bouncy toys and Amanda did the obstacle course. This is her climbing the side to go down the slide at the top. She actually climbed it faster and better than most of the older kids there. :)

Amanda going down the slide from the obstacle course.

Eva was crying and so Emma reached over and held her hand. It was really cute. So after I took a picture...then I picked her up to change her pants and make her feel better. Sometimes they have to sacrifice for a picture. :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So it has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated my blog. And I've decided that when you have 3 different people tell you within a few days of each other to do's time I get on it. It's not like I have anything better to do. :) So here is the update with mainly pictures. We are loving our new ward, Amanda just got a new bike, Emma and Eva both have 2 teeth and can roll over whenever they want, I try to stay sane, and Cameron is still looking for a full time job with benefits. There you have enjoy the photos. :)

Emma on the left, Eva on the of the few days it was sunny so we went outside.

Eva on the left...she's hungry, and Emma...she doesn't really care. :)

Amanda during quiet time...tea party with Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty...that's what she named her barbies that day. It changes frequently.

Eva on the left, Emma on the right...I won't let them chew their own they chew each others.

Dad and Amanda at the Ammon Cemetary on Memorial Day. As was cold.

Our family and Grandpa next to Baby Cameron's grave. It's hard to believe it's been 3 years. I remember it very vividly still. :(

Amanda's hair for church on Sunday...I got turned out pretty good, but it didn't last too long past church...but it did last through church. :)

Our family when Grandma and Grandpa Rhoades and Mikayla came out to visit.

Our 4 generation picture...those are always necessary. We got one of Amanda when she was a little older than the twins last time Granny and Grandpa were out here visiting.

Our fire department did an open house one Saturday...we took Amanda. She loved it. This is her being a firefighter.

She stood on the fire truck and the fireman there pulled out the hose for her to hold. I like it. :)

This is Amanda actually shooting the water out of the hose. They had a target and were letting people try and shoot had a cartoon flame that you were suppose to put out. Amanda loved this...but she loves anything involving water. :)

This is one of the firefighters that responded to the call when Emma was born in the bathroom. His partner was the one who rushed Emma to the hospital and he stayed and took me in the ambulance. So this is Emma with one of the people that helped save her life. He was really surprised that she was as big as she was...let alone alive. :)

This Amanda riding her new bike. She was so excited to get it. Now if we can get her to peddle forward instead of pushing the brakes backward we will be set. But I guess you have to learn somewhere.

Friday, May 13, 2011

How Time Flies

Not a lot has happened but I have come to the conclusion that time flies. My babies who were really tiny are now huge. They are both over 10 pounds and Emma has cut her two bottom teeth. Eva is cutting her bottom teeth right now and it's only the beginning for the two of them. Amanda frequently tells me that she isn't my little girl anymore...I'm a big girl...but I'm still holding on that I can keep them my little sweeties forever. What do you do. :)

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So here is the long anticipated pictures that I said I would put up. Kelsey just sent them to me today and I'm really excited about it. I'm holding Emma and Cameron has Eva.
Cameron and Emma.
Emma has my ring on her toe and Eva has Cameron's.
Holding hands. :)
Emma in green and Eva in pink. We love our girls. Hahaha.
I have Eva and Cameron has Emma.
Eva, then Amanda, and then Emma...all in their ballerina outfits. Emma's not happy.
Emma on the left and Eva on the right.

Friday, April 8, 2011

I have recently come to the conclusion that I am not very good at this blogging thing, even when I have the internet at my house. But I have decided that in between feeding, changing and dressing the babies, and keeping Amanda entertained in this retched cold weather...I'm going to try and update this with pictures, stories and lastest family news. So here goes: We have recently moved to a new apartment (a duplex) that has enough space for all of us to have just The twins are now 6 1/2 months old and are doing all sorts of fun things like rolling over, giggling, making spit bubbles, and sleeping through the night. :) Amanda is as funny as ever. Here are some of the things she has done. We are sitting on the couch and she comes and sits on my lap and says, "Mom, you need to let me grow up. I'm not a little girl any just have to let me." I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. She has recently told me again when I tell her she's still my little girl, that I need to let her grow up. I think one of the funniest things she has done in the last little bit though happened the other night. We told her to stay in her room and in bed cause it was time to go to sleep and no she couldn't watch the movie with us. Cam and I were on the couch watching a movie. Little did we know she could see the tv from the end of her bed. The next we know, Amanda is crying cause she fell off the bed and Cam goes in and her head is at the end of the bed on the floor. So as he's putting her back in bed he looks out into the living room and notices that he can see the tv. We start laughing, she had stayed in bed but layed at the end of bed watching the movie with us until she had fallen asleep. am I going to do with that girl. Anyway, that's about it for now, I'm hoping to have some more news in the next few weeks in regards to a career for Cameron and such. Also, I will take more pictures of the girls and put them up here next time.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Pictures!!!

So our year in review is this: Cameron graduated from college and we are currently waiting to hear from the army. Katie was pregnant most of the year and had twins in September. Amanda turned 3 and enjoys being a big sister. Emma Jay was born on September 22 in our bathroom at home...delivered by Cameron, named after Grandpa Rhoades, and blessed on December 26th. Eva Ray was born September 22 breach in the operating room, named after my aunt Ray, and blessed on December 26th. It has been a trying year...but we have made it and been very blessed. Here are a few recent pictures.
Family picture taken at Morgan's wedding reception. Morgan was married Dec. 11th. I'm holding Emma, Cameron is holding Eva.
Amanda holding sister Emma.

Cameron and I holding the twins. I'm holding Eva, Cameron is holding Emma.
Amanda's loot from Christmas. She had a great Christmas and had a lot of fun.
Cameron and Amanda in thier new pajamas on Christmas Eve.
Eva on the left, Emma on the right. Kissing in thier sleep.
Eva, Amanda, and Emma in Christmas stockings.
Emma with her arm around Eva.
Amanda sitting on Santa's lap at our Ward Christmas Party. She jumped right up and started talking to him, then told him what she wanted. It was great.
Amanda holding Emma, Me holding Eva...All of us girls in our new Christmas pajamas.