Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Fun

So here is the first part of our summer fun...which actually took place at the end of the summer. This is from mid July through now. I am having a hard time getting all my pictures to download so this is what you get for now. :)
My dad and Emma taking a nap on the bed in their trailor at Priest Lake.

Cameron and Amanda eating cheese balls on one of the few days that were nice on the beach.

Wow...well...Me, a mad Emma, Eva and Amanda hanging out at camp on one of the many freezing days we were able to have at Priest Lake.

Me, Emma, Amanda, Cameron and Eva...In Priest Lake, the twins first time in the water. I think they are handling the cold pretty well. :)

Emma hanging out on the beach at Priest Lake.

Amanda helping my cousin Luke drive the boat...Yes...she fell asleep and is still driving. :)

Amanda playing with the floatie in Priest Lake...yes that's used for the babies but Amanda is still light enough that it doesn't sink when she gets she played with it.

Amanda finding a stick that she said she was using as a paddle when she is in her floatie in the water. Go figure. :)

My dad giving Amanda a ride of the 4 wheeler. Kids have to wear a helmet...we didn't have one so we used a bucket. Dad got pulled over and told that doesn't count so we couldn't do it again. :)

Eva started to crawl and pull herself up onto things. This is her trying to climb the stairs. :)


Wendy said...

What cute girls.!

Alli said...

Your girls are so cute!! Looks like so much fun! I can't believe the twins will be one soon. Time sure flies!!

Linsey said...

They are all so cute!! Love them!

Jan Rhoades said...

Hey, great pictures and.....the photographer of your family picture at the top would like a copy of that picture:) Send it to me on my email address PLEASE:)