Tuesday, April 12, 2011


So here is the long anticipated pictures that I said I would put up. Kelsey just sent them to me today and I'm really excited about it. I'm holding Emma and Cameron has Eva.
Cameron and Emma.
Emma has my ring on her toe and Eva has Cameron's.
Holding hands. :)
Emma in green and Eva in pink. We love our girls. Hahaha.
I have Eva and Cameron has Emma.
Eva, then Amanda, and then Emma...all in their ballerina outfits. Emma's not happy.
Emma on the left and Eva on the right.


Wendy said...

Lovely pictures and changes to your blog!

Echo said...

The pictures are adorable! All the best!

The Mechams said...

Such cute pictures. I love seeing how all the girls are growing. Super mom for sure.

Amber said...

So adorable! What sweet pics. LOOVE THEM :)