Tuesday, June 14, 2011


So it has been brought to my attention that I haven't updated my blog. And I've decided that when you have 3 different people tell you within a few days of each other to do so...it's time I get on it. It's not like I have anything better to do. :) So here is the update with mainly pictures. We are loving our new ward, Amanda just got a new bike, Emma and Eva both have 2 teeth and can roll over whenever they want, I try to stay sane, and Cameron is still looking for a full time job with benefits. There you have it...now enjoy the photos. :)

Emma on the left, Eva on the right...one of the few days it was sunny so we went outside.

Eva on the left...she's hungry, and Emma...she doesn't really care. :)

Amanda during quiet time...tea party with Jasmine and Sleeping Beauty...that's what she named her barbies that day. It changes frequently.

Eva on the left, Emma on the right...I won't let them chew their own fingers...so they chew each others.

Dad and Amanda at the Ammon Cemetary on Memorial Day. As usual...it was cold.

Our family and Grandpa next to Baby Cameron's grave. It's hard to believe it's been 3 years. I remember it very vividly still. :(

Amanda's hair for church on Sunday...I got ambitious...it turned out pretty good, but it didn't last too long past church...but it did last through church. :)

Our family when Grandma and Grandpa Rhoades and Mikayla came out to visit.

Our 4 generation picture...those are always necessary. We got one of Amanda when she was a little older than the twins last time Granny and Grandpa were out here visiting.

Our fire department did an open house one Saturday...we took Amanda. She loved it. This is her being a firefighter.

She stood on the fire truck and the fireman there pulled out the hose for her to hold. I like it. :)

This is Amanda actually shooting the water out of the hose. They had a target and were letting people try and shoot it...it had a cartoon flame that you were suppose to put out. Amanda loved this...but she loves anything involving water. :)

This is one of the firefighters that responded to the call when Emma was born in the bathroom. His partner was the one who rushed Emma to the hospital and he stayed and took me in the ambulance. So this is Emma with one of the people that helped save her life. He was really surprised that she was as big as she was...let alone alive. :)

This Amanda riding her new bike. She was so excited to get it. Now if we can get her to peddle forward instead of pushing the brakes backward we will be set. But I guess you have to learn somewhere.

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Kelsey said...

Thank you...now PLEASE keep this up on a regular basis or else I will never get to know your twins.Or you for that matter...ha ha