Wednesday, June 22, 2011


So Amanda spilled some popcorn on the floor today and when we went to pick it up she says, "Goodbye Popcorn...I will never see you again." Then she keeps saying it until she burst into song singing it. Let's just say sometimes I feel like I live in a musical. Anyway, we have stayed really busy this last week. On Thursday, Cameron and I went to Playmill with mom and dad, and Morgan and Norman. Then on Friday we went to Idaho Falls and hung out there during the day while Cameron interviewed. We went to the Green Belt and then the park. Then on Saturday we went to the Family Fun Day at Ross Park. Some of the characters of Star Wars were there. Amanda was so excited. Tonight we are going to the circus. There will be pictures of that to follow. :)
Amanda in one of her new swimming suits running through the sprinkler.

Benny the Bengal at Family Fun Day. She thought he was cool and wanted a picture with him.

Amanda and one of the Storm Troopers from Star Wars at Family Fun Day.

We needed a picture of the newer version of the Storm Trooper. This one is the newer model. :)

We were getting ready to go home and Amanda saw the Storm Trooper with red on him and ran up to him to have him sign her papers and get a picture with him.

This literally was the highlight of her day. She got to meet Darth Vader and she loved the "lady with no hair" That's what she calls her. So Darth Mal has Eva, Darth Vader, Amanda, Ventress, and the Jedi has Emma.

They had bouncy toys and Amanda did the obstacle course. This is her climbing the side to go down the slide at the top. She actually climbed it faster and better than most of the older kids there. :)

Amanda going down the slide from the obstacle course.

Eva was crying and so Emma reached over and held her hand. It was really cute. So after I took a picture...then I picked her up to change her pants and make her feel better. Sometimes they have to sacrifice for a picture. :)


Stephanie said...

Hi Katie,
Your girls are getting so big and are so sweet. You are amazing. Sounds like you are doing really well. It is super busy with twins but you are doing great. Let me know if you need anything.
Stephanie Craig

Kelsey said...

Sounds like you have been up to a lot of fun lately! I'm surprised Darth Mal didn't freak out Amanda. He freaks me out just looking at him. ha ha!