Monday, November 23, 2009


So it wasn't a let down! It was really good. I thought the acting has even improved from the last one. My birthday was a lot of fun. I went to the temple and did initiatories, then went to Johnny Carinos for dinner. We ran into my cousin Troy and his wife Trudi there. We chatted for a bit and I found out that Troy's birthday is on the 9th so I will remember that from now on. After we were almost done with our meal our waitress came up and brought us a piece of cheesecake and said it was complements from the table we were talking to earlier and Happy Birthday! I was excited for the cheesecake, and then she continued and said that our bill was also taken care of. :) I was in shock a little. I didn't know what to say. That has never happened to me before. And they had already left so I couldn't even thank them. So I'm doing that now. THANK YOU!!! I don't think they know how much that meant to us. Especially during this time in Cameron and I's life. After dinner we went to the movie and it was amazing. And yes...Cameron did go with me and yes...he did like it. So the day went well. The next day we went to Utah for my cousin Alex's wedding. It was very nice and good to see all of them again.

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