Tuesday, December 14, 2010


So our family has been extremely blessed over these last few months. The girls are now home and our whole family is again under one roof. We brought the twins home the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. All the doctors were surprised they had done so well. They didn't expect us to get them before their due date which still hasn't come up. They will be term on December 24th so we brought them home a full month before we thought. :) Since they've been home Amanda has become a great big sister and seems much older than her 3 years. Cameron is back to a regular work schedule and I'm secluded to the house except when Cameron or someone in our family is willing to come sit with the girls. We are truly blessed and we are very grateful for all our family and friends who have kept them in their prayers. They continue to grow and are almost out of premie clothes, and most days are off oxygen. Last Saturday my sister Morgan got married and we took them to get pictures. When I get those I will post them. They, along with Amanda were adorable and Morgan was gorgeous. That's the update. :)
Amanda watching a movie and almost falling asleep against the couch.
Daddy and Emma taking a quick nap after a feeding.

This is how they usually sleep next to each other. Eva on the left, Emma on the right.

St. Nicholastag...you leave shoes out on December 6th and that night St. Nicholas comes around and gives presents to those who were good. It's a German holiday and since Cameron was born there and lived for several years, we celebrate it every year. Amanda and I love it.

Eva and Emma without their oxygen on. Emma rarely sleeps straight cause she always has to be touching Eva when she sleeps so even if we put them on opposite sides, Emma moves sideways and ends up diagnal just to be laying closer to Eva.


Kirsten said...

I'm so glad to hear you guys are doing so well! Isn't it fun to see Amanda as a big sister in action!? My own 4 yr old just became a big sister, and she is loving it!

Amanda Lillie said...

They are so adorable what a wonderful blessing!

Dru, Ashlee, and Kenadee said...

Such a beautiful family you have! I am so glad the twins were able to come home so much earlier than anticipated!

Echo said...

I am so glad that you are all together now. Reading up on your blog, and it seems you got you some little miracles. They are adorable! Merry Christmas!

The Mechams said...

Oh I am so happy for you guys, I have been waiting for this posting. The girls are so adorable, and Amanda will be a great big sister. Can't wait to see more pics, good job momma, you are Super Woman in my eyes