Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Ok not really. I just felt bad for not posting anything for a really long time. I will get pictures up here eventually. By the time I do though you won't even recognize my children. Haha. Anyway, Christmas was fun and we had a lot of stuff going on as well as a lot of family we got to see. We missed Linsey and Kelsey and thier families though this holiday season. It always seems weird when we aren't all there. The new year brought in Amanda cutting her own hair so it is now very short...I will include those well as her tumbling recital that she did yesterday. She did really well and even landed her cartwheel. I was very proud. The twins are doing well. Eva's heart appointment turned out good, they said they can't hear anything from her PDA when she was born so they aren't going to worry about it unless my doctor hears something in the future that he's worried about. Eva can walk, Emma can crawl, and Amanda can do cartwheels and handstands in the living room. We are still looking for a full time postition for Cameron and I am going to start teaching piano lessons. That's about the end of the updating of our family. Thank you everyone who reads and checks on my blog even though I'm horrible at keeping it updated. Goal for the Week: Post pictures up on here by Sunday!!! Wish me luck. :)


Alli said...

Wow, lots of accomplishments going on at your house! I miss teaching piano lessons. Have fun with it!

lsmarg said...

I would like to ask permission to use the picture of your daughter holding a fire hose to teach middle school children about water pressure and Bernoulli's principle. Thank you.
Sheldon Margulies
Silver Spring, MD