Saturday, February 7, 2009

New Hairstyle

So I've decided to cut my hair really short. I haven't done it yet, but I will as soon as I find one that I like. I found a really good website and blog that has a bunch of pictures of different styles for all types. If anyone is looking to change their own look, check out this blog, I put the link under hairstyles on the right of my own blog. Enjoy and be daring. :)


Amber and Che said...

HEy Katie! Just wanted to say hi! I was so happy to see youguys at Alli's reception! I'm so glad you came. Hope all is well! Love ya!

Kristi said...

Karite!! You cute little thing you!! I was so glad to see your name on my blog! I miss you girl...and yes, you still need to come see my house. I've only lived here for three and a half's about time! Bring your mom and Kelsie for a ride one day and come on's not that far! You look great, and your little girl is adorable! luv ya

Kristi said...

Sorry, meant to say Katie...but I was so excited, my fingers must have gotten messed up!!