Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Priest Lake was a lot of fun this year. Amanda got in the water more and she really liked the boat and sand. Here are some of the pictures but I will probably post more of them later.

Cameron, Dad, and I playing a game up at camp.

Cameron cooking breakfast for us. He wore the beanie to keep his head warm now that he is bald.

Amanda in the sand.

Playing in the water.

Cameron throwing a ball to someone.

Cameron and me in the boat. Yes I did go to Priest lake even though I'm not in many pictures.

Amanda and Morgan in the boat. Amanda is still in her p.j.s cause we got up early and went skiing.

Amanda had a hard time staying in camp so we made her a harness. She didn't like it much.

Amanda was really tired and so she laid down on the ground while attached to her harness and fell asleep. We joke that she reminds us of how a dog would react.

Amanda eating Huckleberry Ice Cream from the store.

It rained a few days we were up there. Amanda was dressed for though in her raincoat.

Amanda in Cameron's goggles.

Breakfast time hugs.

Good morning kisses.

Amanda and Cameron in the boat.

Amanda and Cameron in the boat.

Amanda on the beach in her Ariel swimsuit.

Amanda laying on a towel listening to an ipod.

Amanda, Mekelle, and Morgan laying out listening to music.

Me and Amanda on the beach playing with our sand toys.

Just a little rest in the hammock.

Amanda putting up her new camp chair.


Echo said...

Wow! looks like you guys had alot of fun. Is Priest lake in Idaho?? I have never heard of it. Hope all is well.

Tyson and Alli said...

Priest Lake! Funny thing is that the only times I have ever heard of Priest Lake was when you guys were going camping there and you would talk about it when we were growing up. Fun times with family!