Monday, October 19, 2009


A lot has happened since the Priest Lake Vacation. Cameron and I had our 3rd Anniversary. We went to Salt Lake, stayed at the Pavillion Inn and then went to a session in the Salt Lake Temple. It was really awesome. I started coaching another year of volleyball as the Assistant Varsity. However the first half of the season I was coaching the Freshman cause we didn't have a coach. But the second half we got one so I went to help Varsity. Cameron is in his last semester of school, we hope. He is taking about 18 credits and working around 35 hours total at all his jobs. We don't see him much. Amanda had a birthday and we threw a party for her at the Homer's house. I put some pictures up. It was a lot of fun. She turned 2 and I was a little sad cause she isn't my little baby anymore. She doesn't look it or act it so I was sad but it was still fun.

I made her a Finding Nemo cake! :)

Amanda opening her first present.

These were some of the people at the party.


Aunt Ray, Jarom, Linsey, Savannah, and Meg

Dan, Kelsey, Jenna and London

Great-Grandpa Ferrol

Grandma and Grandpa Rhoades, and Rylie


Spencer and Becky


Amanda and cousins. Opening a present

Amanda got a bike. She was so excited as you can see. We didn't get a picture of the whole bike with her on it cause all the other cousins kept getting in the way.

Amanda blowing out candles
Eating the Nemo cake and Ice Cream

Sporting her new wings and feather scarf.

Amanda wearing her new outfit, wings, and reading her new book.

Playing her guitar. I lights up and plays music. The whammy bar drives Cameron nuts. But I can honestly admit, I don't even notice the noise. I'm excellent at tuning out.

That's the update of my family.


Janelle said...

apparently she liked the wings! just so you know if the break and she is heart broken then sell them and the dollar tree!

Andrea said...

She looks so grown up! Man does time fly!

Echo said...

what a cutie! Glad things are going well for you.

Brandon, Kandra, Sydnee, and Dawson Plott said...

Amanda is so cute!! It's hard to believe that we both have a two year old. Crazy!! Good job on the cake! It turned out awesome!