Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Ok, so I am absolutely horrible at keeping up on this here blog. Hopefully I will find time to update pictures of the girls in the next week or so. But, I thought I would show off my cute new hair. My sister Morgan is in Cosmetology School here at ISU and she needed live people...cause previously she had only cut hair on manican? heads, and no I can't I volunteered to be her first human head to cut on. She did a fantastic job. However, I have learned that I can't style it nearly as good as she did here in this picture, I will keep trying. Anyway, so I now have a new style to sport and I have new glasses and sometimes I even wear contacts. It has been about 10 years since I had a new eye prescription and I was amazed at how bad my eyes actually got, the good news, is now I can see without having to squint even with my glasses on...YEA ME! The rest of the family update is...Cameron is driving bus still but had a good interview with a company in Idaho Falls a last week so we are hoping that something comes from that. Amanda is loving her swimming lessons and enjoys "school" at home with mommy. Emma has learned that she can walk but doesn't like to try very often. She has a crossed eye however that we are taking her to the doctors to see if we can get that fixed. So far they can't do anything for it cause they aren't sure what's causing it so we have another appointment at the end of April to see if anything has changed. Eva likes to scream and it drives me crazy. But she runs around and enjoys playing chase with Amanda. She will also go get her eyes checked because they say the problem is genetic so we might not see anything but there are still problems. They both are in nursrey now and I'm not super sure what to do with my baby free Sunday since that hasn't happened in 18 months. I have always had a baby with me...I try to pass one off to Cameron, and he takes her but then passes off another one to me instead. :) Love it though. We'll see what it's like here though. Life is good, we are optimistic and hope that we can stay deserving of whatever the blessings the Lord wants to give to us. And without further NEW HAIR!!!!!


Kari Ann said...

I love it!

Brandon, Kandra, Sydnee, and Dawson Plott said...

super cute Katie! You Look beautiful! It's good to hear you guys are doing well.