Friday, October 5, 2012

All Sorts of NEW!

 Since the 4th of July our family has been to Priest Lake Idaho for a summer vacation...I will put those pictures up another time, I have celebrated my 6th Anniversary being married to my best friend, went to the Eastern Idaho State Fair, Celebrated Emma and Eva's 2nd birthday, had Amanda's hair cut, and finally as of today, chopped my own hair all the way off. I loved all of these things and look forward to more celebrating. Seeing as how Amanda's 5h birthday is next Wednesday. More pictures to come as usual.
 We took super hero family pictures this last Monday. It was a lot of fun.
 Emma wanted to wear Amanda's cowgirl boots. And everyone wanted to be in the picture.
 The second birthday cake for my two little sweeties.
 Eva and Emma getting ready to blow out candles on their second birthday!
 Amanda needed a haircut pretty badly, so we went to Morgan who is in Cosmetology at ISU. The before...
 The AFTER...Amanda with my sister Morgan Reece.
 Amanda got to be in the ISU Homecoming parade and throw candy with her gymnastics group. She had so much fun.
 I chased down the float so I could get a close up of her on their throwing candy to the crowd. :)
 Another of our super hero family. :)
 This is my BEFORE...
This is the hair that was cut from off my head. Morgan put her foot next to it so we had a comarison of actually how much that actually was. :)

This is the AFTER. I love it and it is easy to manage. I can get up, style it in 5 minutes or less and be ready to tackle the day with  my children. Thanks Morgan for a great hair cut. :)

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Kristi said...

I sooooo love your hair short!! Your little family is just adorable!!