Thursday, December 20, 2012

My 2012 Christmas Update

Christmas is upon us and it has been a long time since I've posted anything. So although there are no pictures included, I hope to add a few in the next little while from Amanda's birthday, Halloween, and shortly Christmas.  However, here is the update of my family.

Cameron-He is in working on a teaching certificate to teach History in High School. He is also trying out Seminary Teaching and we will hopefully hear from that soon. Meanwhile, he is continuing to drive bus for the city. He is the Gospel Doctrine Teacher in our ward and he enjoys teaching alot there.

ME- I am staying busy keeping up with  my children. I am the ward choir pianist and we have our Christmas program on Sunday. So in the following weeks I will have a lot less to practice on the piano.  :) I had my 29th birthday in November and was able to spend it with my family. It was a lot of fun.

Amanda- Oh where to begin. She is doing gymnastics twice a week and is having a lot of fun and learning a lot. She is a natural if she can focus long enough to do what the teachers ask. She likes to have tea parties and actually today we are making mini-cupcakes and hot chocolate and sitting in the living room for a tea party with me, her, and her sisters. Funny things she has said recently... 1- "Since I'm too young to go to kindgergarten this year, I will just go to college."  My sister is in cosmetology right now, this is what Amanda said, 2- "Mom, I think I'm going to do hair like Morgan. I will work with her. My chair will be next to hers. You can come visit me when you want. You can bring me lunch or something. I don't care."  Her third was when she was giving a talk in primary last Sunday. I told her to bear her testimony, here's my favorite part, 3- "I know Jesus will come again. I know it. And nobody knows when he will come. Only Heavenly Father knows. And I don't care, he can come when he wants to, he can."   Oh my little big girl.

Emma- Emma had eye surgery and it went well. We had the results from a couple months later and her eyes are still straight and the doctor didn't think she will need another surgery. We will check them again in 6 months. What a blessing. She is starting to talk more and likes to play with her sisters.

Eva- She is growing so big and has full conversations with you. Even though you can't understand her, she knows and will find other ways to get you to understand. She is such a mommy's girl but I shouldn't complain, I like to hold her. Her and Emma are 2 and living it up.

Christmas should be fun this year. We have a lot going on. I will miss my parents who are serving a mission in the Nashville Tennessee mission though. They are doing magnificent work and they are a great example for my daughters. Amanda prays for them in every prayer and thanks Heavenly Father for their example. I love it. Oh yea...the babies like to pray now too and so we usually have about 3 prayers over every meal. Good times. Merry Christmas everyone!!! I will post pictures soon. :)

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