Thursday, April 26, 2012

DAY #11

Yep...I've got they are...

1- People who say one thing then do another.

2- Dishes that get left in the sink instead of the dishwasher...especially when the dishes in the washer are dirty.

3- Whining children.

4- People who honk their horn of their car at other people.

5- People who drive under the speed limit...mainly when I'm in a hurry.

6- When someone lays things around the house instead of taking a few extra steps to put it away.

7- Being Late to Anything. I'd much rather be really early than 2 seconds late.

8- When I'm trying to talk to someone and they don't look at me when I'm talking so I don't know that they are even paying attention.

9- When my children pull all the DVD's off the shelf after I just put them back for the 10th time already.

10- People who shows a lack of original thought.

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