Monday, April 23, 2012

DAY #5

 I have found that a lot of these days kind of get the same answers...however...I will try and think of different ones.

1- My children: They drive me crazy but they also make me laugh and when I'm down, they help boost my spirits.
2- My husband: He is very supportive of me and knows just what it takes to put a smile on my face. And he loves to do suprises and I love to get suprises. :)
3- Playing the piano: It's a major stress relief for me...or just any mood relief. I have enough variety of music to fit any mood.
4- Spring Time: I love the warm weather cause it's not too hot or cold. I can go sit outside with Cameron and just enjoy. Plus that means more walks with my kids and more park time which they love and I love to watch them.
5- Driving with the window down: I love to put my arm out the window and even though the wind makes my hair in knots...I like the feel of the breeze. :)

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