Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DAY #2


1- SPIDERS...I can't even express how much these scare me. I was looking at what scares my sisters and they put pictures up of some of the things...yep...not me. If I put any type of picture of a spider on here I wouldn't be able to ever come back to my own blog again for fear that I would accidentally see that picture.

I really have no idea how I got to be afraid of them, but I was a little afraid then became a lot afraid after someone had me watch Arachniphobia...worst idea ever. So I say that I am borderline Arachniphobic. Mainly cause I have killed a spider before because it was next to one of my children...but otherwise, I call for HELP!!!

2- PEOPLE COMING INTO MY HOUSE AT NIGHT... I'm a little like my sister Kelsey in this aspect. I think a lot of it came from movies that I have seen and shows that I have watched on t.v. It's to a point that I have an exit plan for myself and my children for every possible entrance of the person entering...I have even got a plan to use deadly force if necessary to protect my family...so...don't come sneaking into my house at night unless you want some serious battle wounds that could be life threatening when you're done. :)

3- GOING BLIND... I have always dreaded losing my eye sight. I love to see...obviously. And I think about how much I would miss seeing my children grow up and my husband and just all the beautiful things in this world if I lost my eye sight.

I'm pretty sure this comes from the fact that I've had diabetes for 18 years and eye sight is one thing that is affected by the disease. It also doesn't help when your eye doctor tells you that there is a slight issue with one of your eyes and it needs to be monitored so they can intervene if necessary...otherwise you could lose sight in that eye. Yeah...I'm pretty sure that's the reason I'm a little afraid of going blind.


Kari Ann said...

i love it when people do these things! Keep going this is fun! Remember when we watched the chucky movies at halloween time. Well now I'm not so keen on red headed dolls! What were we thinking!

Katie said...

Oh I know. I still have problems whenever I see those dolls. And go figure...one of my twins has reddish hair. :)