Thursday, April 19, 2012

DAY #4

10 Things I'd Tell My 16 Year Old Self
1- You are going to move after this year to a new town and highschool. So I know you've had the same group of friends for several years but you will need to step out of your comfort zone a little and make a better effort to let other people get to know you.

2- Even though the trials you will go through with not really feeling accepted in your new school, they are very trivial in comparison to some of the trials you will face later in life. So in other words, don't worry about whether or not the other kids accept you and make you their friend, cause in the end, it's just highschool and life DOES go on afterward.

3- Your younger sister is going to get married before you...yes that will be hard for you, but be there for her and just be happy for her. Your time will come.

4- When you find out you can't serve a mission because it doesn't feel right and you don't understand why since you've been preparing pretty much your whole life, realize the Lord has other plans for you. Because you made that choice and stayed you will meet the man of your dreams who will love you despite all your faults. He will say he never thought you were fat, but you know better and that's what makes you love him even more. :)

5- Your pregnancies are going to be really hard. So wait a little longer before you have your first because the time you thought you were going to have with just your husband having fun while being pregnant isn't going to happen. But then again, follow the spirit and in all honesty, you will probably still get pregnant when you did. And even though the pregnancies are hard, they are worth it.

6- When in college, take a semester off and go somewhere. Go try out to work at Disneyland like you want to do. It would count as in internship in your degree and be a lot of fun. Going and finishing school is important, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little adventure along the way. You have to do two internships anyway...why not at the Happiest Place on Earth.

7- Sometimes your children are going to do things that make you really upset. Just remember, they are learning just like you had to. Try to have more patience with them and remember, if they ruin something that is a material possession...Know that it is just that...a Material Possession. It doesn't matter in the long run. Your relationship with your children does.

8- One night your little car is going to be parked outside your apartment and a drunk driver is going to hit it and total, I know there won't be any parking spaces on the sides of the complex but if you can, park it behind the other complex and walk a little further, otherwise say goodbye to your first car.

9- When you are asked to take a dinner to a lady in your ward who just had a baby, don't put the food in the back, cause it will start to tip, you will reach back to save it and end up hitting a fire hydrant. The vehicle is only slightly damaged, but you end up with a ticket and still food on the floor. So, place it on a tray on the front seat where you can hold onto it while turning the corners.

10- My last piece of advice to myself would be...Even though I've warned you about a lot things that you should or shouldn't do, most of the experiences you've had has made you into the person you are today. You will still have a lot to work on and continue to try and be a better person everyday. Just keep in mind, Be better today than I was Yesterday, and in the end you will be alright.

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